How do you keep track of all the new signs you are learning? We made ourselves personal size  notebooks and glued in pictures of the signs printed from our internet sources such as DLTK or Lesson Tutor (see links page).  If you can draw (even stick figures), you may even be able to add your own diagrams in a way that you will understand them!
You can also use index cards attached together with small beaners .  This allows you to organize your signs into categories and add new signs.

Don't forget to use you sign language often, so you don't forget your signs. Dolly has, for example started filling in the sermon notes sheet during church.  She can't always read the screen fast enough, so I finger spell her the words to write in. ( I have also signed to the children from the platform if I see them miss behaving!)

We also use our signs when we are sick with colds, so we don't strain our sore throats! And we have used it to talk from a distance in a crowded room. There are many good reasons for learning and using hand signs.

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